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Bagus Sasikirono Digital Innovator & Software Developer
Since 2012
Creator & maintainer of FastImageMin.
A fast, very efficient, privacy-respected, and totally free image optimizing tool you'll certainly love.
Most likely better than TinyPNG or iLoveImg :)
The founder of and
Some other projects
Innovation in healthcare
Together with a medical professor from Cleveland (United States), we built the world-first LIV ICU Variable-4 digital system to predict the survival probability of chronic liver patient in hospital.
Innovation in custom design e-cig wrap business
Works together with an e-cig wrap business owner in North Carolina (United States), we developed the world-first e-cig wrap online custom designer, with high performance 3D-like customization.
Project portfolio of Bagus Sasikirono for a pharmaceutical company in Singapore
Developed an integrated global selling logistics system for a pharmaceutical company in Singapore to allow worldwide expansion via an American shipment company.
Project portfolio related to APK repository system
Works with a business practitioner in Germany, we created an Android APK repository system along with the API integrated into a Content Management System
Portfolio related to social media integration & accounting system.
Created a real-time statistical system of social media insights and the integration with a global accounting system for a digital agency in Australia.
A free product from Bagus Sasikirono about responsive pagination
Developed a responsive pagination solution for the world most popular content management system and release it for free, so everyone could use it.
Past project about gas usage efficiency in United States
Built an integrated online system for automatic calculation of gas usage efficiency to be used in United States.
Project portfolio about hotspot mapping system
Developed a realtime global hotspot mapping system along with the custom visuals for a social community in United States
Past project about custom visual mapping system in golf sport
Integrated a customisable visual mapping system into an existing online system of a golf venture company in Texas, United States
Project portfolio about geographic information system (GIS) in telecommunication field
Developed a high performance geographic information system and statistics for the Indonesian largest telecommunication company.
Past project in school & education fields
Developed a custom school management system to be used in Malaysia.
Past project related to car dealership business
Developed a car dealership online system for the usage in Canada.
Past project for a luxury restaurant in United Arab Emirates
Improved the online system of a luxury restaurant & family dining in UAE.
Project portfolio related to cosplay communities & competition in Egypt
Improved the online system of a cosplay competition and its communities in Egypt.